Shires Performance Jump Saddle Pad Review

I recently bought a used close contact English jumping saddle for my American Paint mare, Jess, and along with the saddle I also bought a new saddle pad!  I have never bought an English saddle pad before, so by looking through reviews and knowing what style of English riding I’m going to be doing, I ended up buying the Shires Performance Jump Saddle Pad.

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Gift Ideas for Equestrians

As an equestrian, I find that non horsey people have a hard time finding what kind of gifts to give to an equestrian. These fifteen gift ideas are perfect for all age ranges and riding disciplines! Just keep in mind what size of horse you’re buying for and if the horse has any food allergies. For the person receiving the gift, which discipline they ride, what their age is, and if you’re buying clothes, what size they are.

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