Shires Performance Jump Saddle Pad Review

I recently bought a used close contact English jumping saddle for my American Paint mare, Jess, and along with the saddle I also bought a new saddle pad!  I have never bought an English saddle pad before, so by looking through reviews and knowing what style of English riding I’m going to be doing, I ended up buying the Shires Performance Jump Saddle Pad.

Disclaimer: The product(s) in this post along with links are not sponsored. 

Saddle Pad Review 1

The saddles length is seventeen and a half inches, and the saddle pad fits a seventeen to eighteen-inch saddle. I got the saddle pad in navy blue, because I’m planning on making that Jess’s colour.

The saddle pad fits her back very nicely, and it doesn’t seem to move around a lot without the saddle on.

Saddle Pad Review 3

Like most, if not all saddle pads, this saddle pad also comes with girth straps.

Saddle Pad Review 4
Saddle Pad Review 2

I’ve really been enjoying this saddle pad, and it looks stunning on my sorrel! I will definitely be buying more saddle pads in the future from Shires Equestrian!

4 thoughts on “Shires Performance Jump Saddle Pad Review

  1. Kendra @ The Book Enthusiast

    Nice! I’ve only sat in an English saddle once and it was terribly uncomfortable to me, but I would like to try English riding sometime in the future. :)

    • Kaitlyn Harms

      That’s too bad! That also happened the first I rode in an English saddle, but this new saddle I bought is very comfy! I actually prefer it over Western saddles. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to ride in one again!

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