My Equestrian Journey

If I could go back in time, I would do many things differently.  But there’s no way you can go back in time, so I’m focusing on the present.

I first started out on an old Quarter Horse gelding named Buddy at the age of twelve-years-old.  Buddy was my lesson horse that taught me the basics of riding and what it’s like to have a heart horse.  I did riding lessons for a summer and after that, that was the end of them.

Jess 1

The next summer I got my first horse.  Deezle was a younger Appaloosa gelding.  We were told by his previous owners that he was green broke, but he was very green.  Along with Deezle, we also got Percy who was also a younger Appaloosa gelding.  Percy was between green and green broke.

When we owned these two Appaloosas, they mainly sat in the pasture not being ridden because of my lack of knowledge to bring along green horses.  We sent them to a trainer during fall and winter one year, but they came back terrified of being ridden because of the trainer’s abusive methods that we weren’t aware of.

During the spring of 2019, I made the hard choice of selling Deezle, and my parents were selling Percy.  They both went to amazing homes where they’re succeeding in life in ways that we never thought would happen for them.

Jess 3

I ended up trading Deezle for a Quarter Horse mare.  Chick was a saint to me and brought my confidence back up when I thought I would never get it back. 

That summer we also got a Welsh Quarter Pony.  River was a ten-year-old thirteen hand high pony who was only ever sat on and led around.  Because of the confidence that Chick gave me, I was able to train River that summer and fall.

We were told that Chick had mild heaves when we bought her, but over the winter she could barely stand.  Her previous owner bought her back the next spring.  Now she’s getting the medical help she needs and is a pleasure riding horse. 

In spring 2020, I was down to River.  Losing all of the past horses was really hard, because I had grown a relationship with all of them in a different way.  I didn’t want to get my heart broken again by another horse I couldn’t keep.

Jess 2

There was this one ad with a six-year-old fourteen-point three hand high American Paint mare for sale.  She was green, but had four hours worth of riding time.  I didn’t want to get another project, but I kept coming back to her.  That horse was Jess. 

When I first met Jess, I was shocked how well she handled being ridden for a green horse.  No spook, buck, or bolt.  Her owner also showed us how good she is at driving.

Most people don’t recommend buying a horse the same day you met it, but I knew this was the one God had chosen for me.

Jess & River 1

Right now, I’m currently in the process of training Jess, which is going very well.  River is such a saint and is giving beginner riding lessons.  I have plans for showing River next year, and hopefully Jess as well!  I’m so blessed to have these horses in my life, and I will never take that for granted.

7 thoughts on “My Equestrian Journey

  1. horsehappy14

    Nice! I wish that I could have horses. :(
    But, even though we could have enough property, we rent our house, and the landlord wouldn’t appreciate horses on his lawn!
    I have taken riding lessons, but they were a ways away, and the friend I was taking them with stopped so she could stay at home and take care of a puppy.
    So yeah, I’m basically out of luck. :(

  2. Kendra @ Story Full

    This was so interesting! I took lessons the year I was 10/11, we got our first horse when I was 13, and he has turned out to be quite the cantankerous horse. I somewhat trained him to barrel race, at least well enough that we could compete and win some money in the youth division. Then we got our REAL barrel horse in December. He’s amazing. The cuddliest horse you’ll ever meet. I love him so much. :)

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