Gift Ideas for Equestrians

As an equestrian, I find that non horsey people have a hard time finding what kind of gifts to give to an equestrian. These fifteen gift ideas are perfect for all age ranges and riding disciplines! Just keep in mind what size of horse you’re buying for and if the horse has any food allergies. For the person receiving the gift, which discipline they ride, what their age is, and if you’re buying clothes, what size they are.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by SaddleBox.  There are other links in this post, but they are not sponsored.


SaddleBox are subscription boxes that are perfect if you’re stuck not knowing what to give as a gift!  They include the best gourmet horse treats, tack and so much more.  All sales benefit horse rescue shelters, which I love and appreciate.  You’re able to send a single horse lover gifts as a gift, or buy them as a monthly subscription box.  There are many plans to choose from.  I highly recommend SaddleBox to spoil your horse; my horses absolutely love them!


There are so many beautiful pieces of equestrian themed jewellery.  It could be as simple as a beautiful horseshoe necklace, to a stunning pair of earrings.


Halters come in so many different colours and styles, so you can never have too many!

Saddle Pad/Blanket

Saddle pads/blankets come in so many colours, styles, and thicknesses.

Gift Card

If you’re stuck now knowing what to give as a gift, give a gift card!  There are so many amazing equestrian stores to choose from, and the gift receiver is able to pick out whatever they like.


There are great horse themed movies, TV shows, and training disks.


There are so many incredible equestrian themed books.  Everything from training, riding, history, fiction, and much more!

Gourmet Horse Treat

I love gourmet horse treats!  A few companies that I’ve heard of that have great horse treats are FoxyKitchensThePamperedPonyStore, and ThemunchyponyCo.


You can never have too many brushes!  Brushes come in so many shapes, sizes and styles.


Belts are a must when riding horses!  There are so many high-quality brands to choose from.

Riding Lesson

Depending on what level of riding the person you’re buying a gift for is at, riding lessons could be a great gift!


As an equestrian, I find that you can never have too many outfits for horseback riding!

Wall Art

Wall art can really make a room feel homier.  There are so many beautiful equine wall art pieces that would make a great gift.

Saddle Bag

These are great if you’re riding in a Western saddle going on a long trail ride to keep everything safe.

Photography Session

I love having photos of me and my horses. Gifting someone a prepaid photography session would be a very meaningful gift.

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